For the last several years people have come into my life, somewhat spontaneously, asking me to share what I’ve learned on my journey. At first it was just casual conversations with friends, then a more formal coaching practice developed, and as my own spiritual work deepened, it just grew from there. I found myself in love with these subjects, and seeing the incredibly transformative power of spiritual work, I became (contagiously) passionate about helping others implement the teachings and wisdom in their lives.

I work with my clients in a completely intuitive way. There is no plan or agenda during the sessions. I believe that life brings whatever lessons are needed in each moment; so there’s always plenty to talk about. We go wherever the conversation takes us. They share their stories, I ask questions, I share my experiences, and offer the wisdom I’ve been given.

In the context of real life challenges, I teach the basic tenets of Toltec wisdom (the Four Agreements, the Fifth Agreement, and teachings beyond the agreements), as well as ideas and perspectives from other ancient traditions. I also teach the basics of meditation, mindfulness, and other self-awareness practices.

Throughout our sessions, my clients develop a deep understanding of self-love and inner peace, their self-confidence grows, and they find a strong sense of empowerment to live in ever-more authentic ways. I teach them to identify and work through fear and limitations, and to ground themselves in motivations that come from love. 

When working with advanced spiritual practitioners, I teach a form of contemplative inquiry, practical mastery of self-awareness and discovery, proper spiritual alignment, practices and teachings that transform and elevate consciousness, and the actual implementation of universal spiritual principles of love, acceptance, compassion, humility, peace, and forgiveness.

I am a spiritual teacher, not a motivational life coach. I do not push or prod my clients to change in anyway. Instead, I teach them to love themselves precisely as they really are. To me, this work is not about self-improvement, setting goals, or keeping anyone on track. There is nothing to overcome. Awakening, change, or growth isn’t something that can be forced. It just doesn’t work that way. The desire for something different has to come naturally from within. It is not something that can be achieved by force or obligation. It is the person’s own curiosity, passion, and interest that drive this process.

I firmly believe that there is a divinely destined arrangement for everything. Transformation will happen if and when it’s supposed to happen. If a genuine desire is present, and the timing is right, the progress flows quickly and organically. It is a person’s own intrinsic commitment to the process (the strength of his/her intention) that is of paramount importance. The most powerful impact of this work comes from a deeply personal and self-motivated engagement. 

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Please note: I am not a licensed mental health professional. I do not practice any form of psychological therapy or counseling. If you are in need of therapeutic care, please seek a qualified professional.

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Coaching sessions are scheduled for 60 minutes (via phone or Skype).

I am based in the New York City area, and work with clients from all over the world.