Here’s what’s coming next

Things are blissfully busy here, as usual, but I wanted to share some ideas and posts that are in the works:

1. I’ve been noticing an interesting trend lately, and I’d like to propose a theory. Maybe this is already common knowledge somewhere, but I haven’t yet found any articles or books on it. Here it is: Addiction to anxiety (among successful professionals). Technically, it’s an addiction to the adrenaline, cortisol, etc. that is present in the body during stressful times. We already colloquially call someone like this an “adrenaline junkie.” But I’m seeing this in the context of successful professional people in corporate jobs: lawyers, accountants, management consultants, bankers (even doctors, at times). I think this is distinct from workaholics, because it bleeds out into their lives, outside the office. It’s not an addiction to work, per se. It’s an addiction to stress. What’s interesting to me is the down time, or low stress points, in someone who is constantly busy, overcommitted, stressed out, and exhausted. They report experiencing a kind of boredom, restlessness, and mild anxiety. I think of this as a withdrawl symptom of the addiction. They cannot handle the discomfort of doing nothing, so they keep flinging themselves into high stress jobs, situations, environments, in order to keep the withdrawl symptoms at bay. Still thinking this through…


2. In the last two months or so, as I work through a variety of labels for what I do (happiness sherpa, spiritual teacher, Toltec teacher, self-awareness coach), it’s been interesting to see how new people I meet respond to these various titles. Most notably, if I use “spiritual teacher,” and the person I’m talking to doesn’t have any kind of contemplative or meditative practice, they think I’m going to convert them to some weird fringe religious cult. As I continue assuring them that what I teach doesn’t require believing anything, and it’s entirely compatible with any religion, and/or no religion; I’ve been trying to find a workable distinction. So let’s set the record straight – spirituality is not about religion, dogma, ritual, or anything one would consider “woo woo.” Spirituality is a person’s journey inward; a process of self-discovery. There are many different traditions or frameworks to choose from. Some require that you believe in the supernatural. Some require you to take hallucinogens. Some ask that you put your faith into tiny little needles that magically know what to do with your chi life force energy. Either way, it’s all about healing and self-discovery. Ever expanding layers of self-awareness, sometimes through altered states of consciousness, past-life regressions, or shamanic drums. I don’t knock any of them. If you’re a skeptical logic and reason type, I suggest picking a tradition that doesn’t require you to believe in anything, or ingest anything, but I’m biased.


3. I’m thinking about putting together a multi-session (probably 5) online workshop. In it, I’d be presenting the basic framework of how to apply the wisdom of the Toltecs to achieve self-love and happiness in your life. If there is sufficient interest, I will sit down and hammer out all the details, so if this resonates for you, definitely let me know.


4. I’ve been meaning to add a section to the Books page above that deals with relationship/romantic issues. Here’s the upshot, in case you’d like some resources immediately. If you are in a romantic relationship, or ever plan to be, read Sue Johnson’s book Hold Me Tight. You can look her up when you have time; she’s wonderful. Her transformative approach to couples counseling (“emotionally focused therapy”) is changing everything we know about romantic love. Get the book! If you are single and unhappy about it, or you have some drama in your dating life, check out Susan Peabody’s book Addiction to Love. Terrific! (One of my favorite discoveries from that book is that underneath co-dependence is actually a debilitating fear of intimacy. Fascinating!)


5. I’ve also been really interested in Ayahuasca ceremonies and DMT lately – just reading about it for now. I’ll do a proper post on it soon. I think there are some really interesting avenues to explore.


I think that’s all for now! xoxo