Life doesn’t happen to you; it happens for you.

Often times when some negative event befalls someone we know, we shake our heads in sympathy. “What a shame. Poor guy. He’s such a good person. How could this happen to him? He was always so kind and caring. Everyone loves him…” We make the mistake of thinking that this “bad” thing that happened is some kind of misfortune. A run of bad luck. Perhaps a mistake on the victim’s part even. But this kind of thinking traps us in suffering. It is how most people live, but it is not the right way to live. 

Bad things happen to good people all the time. Being a good person doesn’t protect you from negative events. This is a misunderstanding of cosmic justice. All of the things that come into your life, good or bad, come to teach you something. At their core, they always come to teach you about love.

When you fear negative events instead of embracing them, when you hope for the best and worry about the worst, you are missing the very lessons you came into this life to learn. Life is not about success or failure. It’s not about achievement. It’s not about controlling all the variables to make sure everything goes according to your plan. It’s not all sunny days all the time. You have only the illusion of control.

Life is an opportunity to learn. It’s an experience of love in action. It’s a beautifully designed play; with pain, and joy, and grief, and bliss, and heartbreak; all intricately mixed together in just the right amounts for you to learn what you came here to learn. It’s all a dance of light and shadows in three dimensional form. And the pity is that no one teaches us how to really live it.

Few understand the exquisite alchemy of transformation. Even fewer get to actually experience it. This is the subtle but pervasive tone of frustration in the writings of all the mystics. No one gets it. And hardly anyone cares to learn…