More happiness, please!

Happy Friday!! I came across two amazing new pieces in my spiritual journey, and since blog posts are free, I figured I’d share some more videos with you. (Also embedding videos is my new favorite thing, so yay!)

Here is a good sample of The Work by Byron Katie. Her entire message is that believing our thoughts is the cause of our suffering. Her program (which is easy and available for free) gets you to look at the roots of your beliefs, and to question them. In the questioning (or “inquiry,” as she calls it) you will find relief and peace and happiness.

Check out this conversation where she walks through the basic steps of the program. (There’s a lot more of these available on her youtube channel).


The second thing I wanted to share is Jill Bolte Taylor’s interview with Oprah. Some of you may have seen her TED Talk. I think this video is much more interesting and gives a medical or clinical explanation to all this mushy stuff I’ve been talking about.

Enjoy and hope you all have a good weekend.