Past-life regression

This is a compilation of my comments on a discussion about past life regression. I think they are worth reposting here. I’ve spent several years studying and exploring this form of therapy. It can be a very powerful tool for healing. In addition to the practice, reading the works of past life therapists has been transformational in many ways. I’ve included some of Brian Weiss’ books (and Michael Newton’s books) in the reading list page (link is in the menu bar above). 

I’ve done a lot of past life regression work with Brian Weiss’ video, and I recommend it to others all the time. I’ve personally experienced incredible results, and I’ve seen it work for others as well.

For me, every experience of it was very different; and I found that asking specific questions beforehand (with the intention to heal those aspects) is most effective. I’ve seen past lives; I’ve seen repressed childhood memories surface; I’ve gotten messages from deceased family members; I’ve accessed spiritual realms; and I was once given a symbolic message that, with a little digging, uncovered a huge aspect of my childhood that I wasn’t aware of. In my experience, when used correctly, with the proper intentions, it’s a wonderful tool!

I have some additional theories and observations about this topic, but they are anecdotal, so take them with a grain of salt.

  • It seems that the regressions only work when they are supposed to. Meaning, I’ve tried to do it “out of curiosity,” or sometimes two days in a row, or tried to make something happen, and that doesn’t work. There is some sacred quality to it – it is to be approached with a certain respect and reverence. I am only “allowed” to go there when there is something for me to see. And I’m only shown what I need to see for healing, not what I want to see. It’s definitely not recreational.


  • It took a few tries before I was able to really trust it and surrender to it completely – only then the really powerful messages came through. I was very scared and nervous the first few times, and that seems to stand in the way of “going there.” As I understand hypnosis, it’s a deeper level of meditation. So I have to allow myself to really relax and let go, and allow myself to be taken by it, which was a little scary at first. Laying down and really letting my body sink into whatever I’m laying on helps a lot. When I got used to it, each experience became much more productive.


  • Once something is initiated (visions, emotional experiences, memories…), I follow the experience fully and tune out the guided words completely. If something is offered, then I try to allow as much of it as I can, without cutting off the experience to follow the meditation. I have to let go of control, and get out of the driver’s seat as much as possible, for the more authentic experiences. 


  • Most past life “karma,” the unprocessed traumas and wounds are repeated here, in this life, often in childhood. Experiences are reproduced as reflections, so that we may have a chance to work them out to resolution this time. I tend to suggest that people “look here first.” It’s easier to heal what’s here (buried in the subconscious), than by rooting around in a past life, and all of those variables. It’s the more responsible, less romanticizing, way to go about healing. Bringing up past lives and related material presents way more questions than it answers. So there’s no need to open that can of worms unnecessarily, when the healing is available here, via the content in this life. On the other hand, when you are stuck, a regression can be tremendously helpful to bring insight and clarity so that you can go further in your discovery.