Spiritual Direction

For the past several years I have been completely engrossed in the study and work of spirituality and mysticism. Answering an inner intuitive call, I embarked on a life of monastic solitude and contemplative practice, which led me to the incredible heights of mysticism, and the horrific unimaginable depths of darkness. Through my own healing and discovery work I have found an incredible volume of wisdom, as well as effective tools and practices, which carry great spiritual healing and transformational power.

For those who are interested in spiritual work,  I teach the basic tenets and implementation of spiritual wisdom and mystical philosophy, as well as effective practices from a variety of ancient traditions.

When working with advanced practitioners, I offer a form of contemplative inquiry practice that travels deeply within. The practice includes mastery of self-awareness and discovery tools, proper alignment with guiding principles of virtue, practices and teachings that transform consciousness through the transmutation of fear and pain, and the authentic implementation of universal principles of love, acceptance, compassion, humility, courage, peace, and forgiveness. 

Although my work is grounded in the esoteric tradition of the Toltecs, and more broadly Christian mysticism, I view them as launching points rather than formal programs. I have adopted a variety of unbundled practices and tools from other traditions and philosophical schools, blending together the best of all worlds. I only teach the methods and practices that I have been personally using in my own work, tried and tested over several years of development.  


For those who seek instruction regarding kundalini syndrome, the approach is two-fold: (1) spiritual education and contextual understanding of the kundalini process; (2) transformation tools and practices with a view towards symptom reduction.

Working with kundalini takes time and patience. Her communication is symbolic in nature, and requires learning to hear and understand the specific issues arising for review. The spiritual understanding and context offers a ground upon which the process can unfold more logically and safely. Please review the links in the menu bar above for more detailed information.


For those struggling with mental illness or spiritual emergence, who are looking for the alternative frameworks of mysticism (without the formality of a particular religious order), I offer private individual spiritual instruction/coaching, separate from my general work.

These sessions and teachings are based on my own experiences of darkness, and the wisdom derived from those travels. I have extensive personal experience with all manner of “symptoms” listed under the labels of schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, agoraphobia, panic, anxiety, and depression, persecutory delusions and hallucinations, visions, encounters, and communications with spirit, extreme and altered states of consciousness, past life memories, CPTSD and other abuse/trauma disorders, and a variety of other categories. I’ve been there, and I know exactly how it feels.

The tools and practices I teach are methods I learned, developed, and practiced myself, based in spiritual and mystical philosophy, which emphasize self-motivated recovery, self-awareness, and personal responsibility. They helped me navigate the darkness, and regain a sense of order and control in an otherwise terrifying and chaotic time. If you would like some guidance and support, please contact me. 


I firmly believe that there is a divinely destined arrangement for everything. I don’t believe in mistakes or coincidences. Personal transformation happens if and when it’s supposed to; it’s not something that can be forced or demanded. Of paramount importance is a person’s own intrinsic commitment to the process – the desire to make a change, the strength of his/her intention to heal, and the motivation to engage wholeheartedly in the process. If a genuine desire to learn and grow is present, progress flows quickly and organically. 

To discuss spiritual study and instruction please email me at fromheretolove@gmail.com. I offer individual sessions as well as a monthly companionship program. 


Please note: I am not a licensed mental health professional. I do not practice any form of psychological therapy or counseling. If you are in need of therapeutic care, please seek a qualified professional.