Spiritual Direction

Several years ago, following an intuitive inner call, I became completely engrossed in intensive spiritual work. With great uncertainty but a clear mandate, I embarked on a life of monastic solitude, asceticism, and contemplative practice.

Guided constantly by significant (miraculous) external and internal forces, I was led experientially across the spectrum of the field of mysticism. My work took me through the heights and altered states, through incredible philosophical depths of consciousness, through ever-unfolding ancient doctrines and systems, but most importantly, through years of purgative catastrophic darkness. 

In the course of a great deal of unrelenting suffering, I intuitively discovered some significant tools and practices, which helped me navigate the last few years, in the direction of healing, growth, and transformation.

Although my work began in the esoteric tradition of the Toltecs, later taking a broad turn into Christian mysticism, both of which I’ve written about on this blog, I view them both as launching points rather than formal systems in the religious sense. The real work of mysticism is much more broad than any one tradition can capture, and requires a flexible adaptation of many different philosophies, as well as some new understandings. The closest modern day expressions of my own work and experiences can be found in the philosophical structure and approach of the Pathwork Lectures.

I have been offering guidance and instruction, loosely a form of spiritual direction, to others engaged deeply in mystical work. I teach the methods and practices that I personally developed, and later validated in my research of other mystical systems. I follow the basic tenets and implementation of spiritual wisdom and mystical philosophy, mostly via a form of contemplative inquiry. The focus is always facilitating discovery at depth, with a view toward expansions of consciousness.

All of the practices I use and teach promote mastery of awareness and reflection, proper alignment between the polarities leveraging natural temperance, the cultivation of virtue and emotional equanimity, significant transformation of consciousness through the transmutation of fear and pain, and the authentic implementation of universal principles – humility, courage, fortitude, prudence, discernment, and forgiveness.

Because of the intensive nature of my own work, and my personal sphere of interest, I offer instruction exclusively to advanced practitioners, those who clearly demonstrate a significant life commitment to spiritual work and practice. 

If you’d like to discuss working with me, please email me at fromheretolove@gmail.com.


Please note: I am not a licensed mental health professional. I do not practice any form of psychological therapy or counseling. If you are in need of therapeutic care, please seek a qualified professional.