“I was in therapy for many years, but kept suffering no matter how much it seemed that I tried to break my cycle of depression, emptiness, anxiety, and chaotic relationships with others.  Beginning my work with Angela was like learning how to walk again.  She was not judging me, none of my choices, none of my behaviors.  There was no need to fix or diagnose me.  She accepted and loved me just the way I was, and this was very new and at first difficult for me to fathom.  As we work together, there are very tough breakthroughs, things my soul had yearned to express for so long, but needed Angela’s gentle inquiry to get to.  I am grateful to her for continuing to teach me the most important lesson of all: love of the self before love of another.  That inner peace that just a few months ago I thought I’d never feel?  It’s here.  Now on to my journey from here to love.” – K.Z., New Jersey

“Would that there were words to adequately articulate the tremendous amount of gratitude, admiration, love, and respect that I have for Angela. She has become the invaluable guide, coach, confidant, and teacher that I didn’t know my soul was missing. The work of deliberately, intently look inward without judgment, but instead with the gentle guidance and wisdom of someone as erudite in so many schools of philosophical, spiritual, and psychological thought as Angela, has been among the most exciting and enriching experiences of my life. Her breadth of knowledge, experience, and curiosity has uniquely equipped Angela with a diverse and dynamic tool kit with which she is able to tailor each coaching session depending on the facts, circumstances, emotions, fears, or sometimes blockages that may present themselves.

I personally was not seeking to fix anything that was wrong, yet I have derived extraordinary benefits from the work we do together. The happiness I experience and savor today is grounded in unconditional love and the result of learning to honor what my truest self is passionate about – true bliss.”  -S.N., Miami

“Angela. There is little coincidence that her name is literally based on the idea of being angelic. She helps people through remarkable transformations but without interfering. She comes from a place of love and honesty. She sees and hears from angles and echoes that one cannot realize on their own. And that’s the key–she helps people reflect and release one’s self from their own problems.

Belief in one’s self begins from within. Despite this, sometimes it takes external help from people like Angela. She can help people take those first steps and help you create momentum toward authentic happiness and self worth.”   – M.R., New York