The Erotic Mind. By Jack Morin, Ph.D. (It’s not what you think…)

Okay. It’s exactly what you think. It’s about sex, and fantasy, and pleasure, and the things that turn people on. It’s about eroticism, and emotions, and fear, and shame, and orgasms. But it’s so good (obviously); I don’t care what you think. If you’re interested in furthering awareness into the arena of the erotic, this book will open your mind in unexpected ways.

erotic mind“When you recognize and accept what you feel, without judging your emotions by logical standards, you will notice that the natural life of most feelings is remarkably short and fluid.

If you are able to feel anger when you are threatened or when someone treats you unjustly, and if circumstances allow you to express yourself assertively, your anger will yield to a calm self-assurance. Likewise, if you’re not ashamed to feel anxious when you perceive danger, chances are that you will take whatever steps are necessary to protect yourself, thereby demonstrating just how courageous you can be.

Feelings that are attended to and honored move along, sometimes veering off in unexpected directions. It’s the feelings that fester and won’t let go that cause us distress. People who ignore or resist their feelings often end up obsessed with them.”

(I would say “enjoy,” but that seems unnecessary somehow…)