Your feelings are messages from your soul

Your soul communicates with you through your feelings. It’s not the emotions you create with your mind (consciously or subconsciously). It’s not something that comes from your thinking, your rational calculations, or your critical reasoning. It’s not who you “should be,” and it’s not what you “should feel.”

It’s something much deeper than that. It’s a call from within. It’s something you already know to be true, because it plays in the background of your thoughts. It’s something we are taught to push past; something we are taught to ignore. It’s not something we’ve ever been taught to pay attention to, but rather a thing to overcome in our endless pursuits of more.

But it’s there. It always has been. That little voice in your head. The thing in the pit of your stomach. That sudden wave of anxiety… In fact, it’s usually those very feelings that get in the way of doing the things you think you “should” do. You can push these nagging feelings away (with all sorts of avoidance strategies), believe me, I’ve tried. But your soul will just get louder and louder. The feelings will get more and more intense.

Those people who consistently avoid their feelings end up deeply unhappy, with chronic anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and a whole bunch of other related illnesses. None of it is random. The body is not just a mechanical device. It’s not an object. It’s actually highly intelligent (something medical science is only now beginning to understand). Your body communicates with you through your symptoms. It begs for your love and attention.

If you want to heal, if you want to live fully (with passion, and purpose, and real joy), you have to listen to your feelings, and fulfill the things your soul is asking of you. It’s not easy. It will likely go against everything you believe about yourself. At times, it can be terrifying. But that’s exactly the point.

For decades Freudian theories have led us to believe that we are all awful people, driven by incestuous homicidal urges. But deep down we are not that at all. Following your feelings will not make you a terrible selfish person. At the very core, we are all pure love. It is our essential truth. And if we followed our feelings more, we’d have more and more access to that love to give others. It seems counter-intuitive, but that’s how it works: The more you love yourself, the more love you have to give others. 

Living in accordance with your feelings is what makes life actually worth living.